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Global E-book Market 2015-2019

​An e-book is a book available in the digital format, which allows readers to access content using their handheld devices without any time and location constraints. The Global E-book market is the fastest growing sub-market in the Global Book Publishing market. The Global E-book market accounted for approximately 12.6 percent of the Global Book Publishing market in 2014 and is expected to increase to 27.8 percent by 2019.

The world book's market in 2018 will to reach $ 128 billion

Volume of books market by 2018 to reach $ 128 billion (in 2013 it was $ 121.5 billion). Signature models in the book and will media business increasingly popular. In 2018 e-books will be 14% of total sales of textbooks, but this percentage is expected to grow rapidly.

The Most Promising Digital Content

According to the study and prediction of digital content market in Russia and in the world for 2010-2016 conducted by J'son&Partners Consulting, e-books are called the most promising segments of this business area.

Cultural Life of Europeans

According to the sociological service of the European Committee — Eurobarometer — 68% of EU citizens have read at least one book over the past 12 months. This is only slightly less than the number of people who have watched at least one TV program on culture or listened to a radio program about culture (72%) over the last year. Mostly they read in Sweden (90%), the Netherlands (86%) and Denmark (82%). Fewer readers live in Romania (51%) and Greece (50%).

Global Market for E-books

The aim of the study Global eBook, prepared by a well-known consultant and market analyst, Ruediger Wischenbart, is an attempt to examine the trends in the market of electronic books in the U.S. and the UK, as well as in a number of countries where e-books for many people are still of a novelty. Among the latter there are the countries of continental Europe, Brazil and Russia.

The Portrait of a Digital Content Consumer

73% of the e-book buyers (60% – printed) declared that they consider reading the important part of their lives. One of the leaders in the world's market of publishing, Random House, has combined the data of several investigations and offered another portrait of a consumer of the digital content. The surveys data of the book buyers in the U.S. that are regularly monitored by the research department of the publishing giant Random House give an idea, in particular, about the reading habits of the users of the digital content. Given the relevance of the topic the professionals compiled the results of several studies and offered their own portrait of a reader of the electronic books.